Campus Crew is a premier collegiate apparel brand that supplies high quality garments to colleges and universities across the United States and Canada. Since its establishment in 88’ the brand continues to be family owned and operated. Campus Crew prides itself on its super soft fleece, high quality fabrics and innovative custom graphics and finishes.

We’re the favourite 10-year old sweater you wear at home. We’re the bonfire hoodie with memories burned into it. We’re the college sweater you wear running. We’re the cold-morning coffee companion, the game-day t-shirt, the boating tank top, the winter-warmer, and the boyfriend sweater. We’re Homecoming. We’re vacation. We’re Canada Day. We’re the Fourth of July, and we’re damn proud of it. We’re proud to occupy a small but special place in the hearts of our people.


In a joint effort, Nick Rizzo and his brother Rick founded their family owned retail company in 1980. For the brothers this was a natural progression in light of their family background, which has made deep imprints in the Canadian retail marketplace. By 1988 the duo was operating 52 retail stores, including 3 divisions named Spats, Ladies Choice & Joggers located in Ontario, Canada. At this time, the main company focus revolved around the athletic branded footwear and clothing business, which eventually lead to 80 plus Joggers stores. Although the first 8 years were extremely successful for the company, Nick felt something was missing. A sports fan and athlete himself, Nick has always felt very passionate about the fun, youthful & energetic collegiate lifestyle predominate in post secondary institutions across North America.

Okay, a further explanation is necessary. Nick's favorite movie is National Lampoon's 1978 ‘Animal House'. His favorite character was John ‘Bluto' Blutarsky played by the legendary John Belushi. Since Nick missed the opportunity to attend college himself, perhaps others felt the same way. What was missing was a store like Campus Crew! Nick realized his passion for this lifestyle was not only missing from his current companies portfolio, but was also missing from the Canadian marketplace. If you could not attend a Campus, maybe his company could bring the Campus to you! In 1988, Nick opened the first Campus Crew store located in Hamilton, Ontario. This was a store that captured the collegiate lifestyle! A collegiate bookstore without the books!!!

Today the evolution continues, now joined by his two daughters and son, the business remains family oriented. An extension of the family is Nick's employees. Nick is backed with a ‘Crew' of talented individuals who share his passion and are also inspired by the youthful collegiate lifestyle and Campus Crew brand. This team, by utilizing every facet of trend spotting, in-house garment & graphic design, importing and manufacturing control, has an exciting future!!

Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure everyday is the best day of your life. That you keep experiencing, laughing and having fun.