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Our Brand

At Campus Crew, we are building a brand that embraces our 30-year heritage and the heritage of the clients we proudly serve.
As part of our transition into a wholesaler, we evaluated our history, team, clients, and products, and focused on our core characteristics. For thirty years, our durable, ultra-soft products have enabled our fans to express themselves in a myriad of ways. One of our loyal fans called our products the “chicken soup of clothes”. We liked that.

We’re the favourite 10-year old sweatshirt you wear at home. We’re the bonfire hoodie with memories burned into it. We’re the college sweater you wear running. We’re the cold-morning coffee companion, the game-day T shirt, the boating tank top, the winter-warmer, and the boyfriend sweater. We’re Homecoming. We’re vacation. We’re Canada Day. We’re the Fourth of July. And we’re damn proud of it.
We’re proud to occupy a small but special place in the hearts of our people.

Fabric & Quality

We pride ourselves on the quality of our products. We have spent the last thirty years designing the softest, highest-quality products possible. Our team has spent decades perfecting our supply chain and production processes, striving for continuous improvement. Our raw materials are carefully selected and sourced; our blends are meticulously crafted; and our washes are specifically designed to provide each style with the appropriate weight, feel, wicking, and durability the garment requires.We find that our products sell themselves. When we first expanded into wholesale, many potential clients initially refused our meeting requests, not wanting to add any more vendors. However, when given the opportunity to feel and wear the samples they had received, the products sold themselves.


Our products are finished in Ontario with custom-tooled embroidery machines designed to provide unmatched detail and comfort. Our specially-designed threads and soft-backed production process creates designs that never impede the flexibility or softness of our products. Our applique is made from the same fleece and thread we use in our garments – hand cut and washed to ensure the soft, comfortable feel we pride ourselves on is never sacrificed in the design process.

Mission Statement

We believe in the comfort of super soft fleece. Creating that perfect sweatshirt...the one that never goes out of style, that you throw on after a long day at work. That sweatshirt that alway holds a speical place in your closet, that you can't ever bare to part with.

We believe in creatring quality fleece that lasts, so you can keep throwing your hood up day after day.