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Campus Crew has a rich, 30-year history, but our transition from retailer to wholesaler has thrusted the company into a high-growth stage reminiscent of a start-up. We’re constantly rethinking and improving our structure, hiring new recruits to help meet demand. It’s an exciting time, and we’re looking for exciting people to join our community.


We are focused on our wholesale business, but we maintain a few flagship seasonal Muskoka stores and an outlet. If you’re looking for a fun summer in cottage country or a fun year-round position, let us know!

Head Office

Head office roles are split between Brantford and Toronto. Our finance, sales, customer-service, and design teams work together in a fun, high-paced ‘start-up’ environment that fuels the Campus Crew engine. New positions are created frequently as we continue in a stage of rapid growth. If you like the flexible, results-oriented culture of a high-growth business, keep an eye out for positions as they are posted (or contact us to find out more about the pipeline).



Our Brantford, Ontario logistics division is growing. We are building integrated, cross-trained teams responsible for every activity in the facility: inventory management, finishing / decorating, garment cleaning, shipping, and everything in between.

If you enjoy learning about operations and logistics in a self-motivated, self-improving team environment we may have a role for you.


Our team of in-house and independent sales representatives cover schools, teams, retailers, and corporations across the continent. We still have unconquered territory, and in our state of rapid growth, we need more and more representation within each region. Our company is only as strong as the sales team that represents it. Our team is our lifeline. Contact us to learn more.

On-Campus Crew

Campus Crew got its name from its original college focus. Our founders brought that old-fashioned campus feeling to you in stores everywhere. Now, we’re working with over 200 schools across the continent, selling Campus Crew products on the campuses that inspired us in the beginning.

Our On-Campus Crew is a network of students across the continent working together to spread brand awareness and infuse campuses with Campus Crew culture. It is an on-campus experience that offers business-focused students exposure to branding, sales, and marketing. On-Campus Crew members work with each other and head office in a coordinated campaign involving merchandising, sales, marketing, social media, advertising, design, customer service, and more.

Crew members create content for social media – coordinating with our head office team. They help merchandise campus stores, sell licensed apparel to local stores, suggest events to sponsor, and much more. They provide feedback on products and trends witnessed first-hand. Most importantly (or perhaps just most fun), our On-Campus Crew wears, promotes, and represents the brand wherever they go.

If you’re a self-motivated, influential student who wants real-world experience, reach out. We’re looking forward to meeting you!