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About Us

We provide wholesale services to educational, athletic, retail, and corporate clients throughout North America.  We carry core products in stock to fulfill spontaneous orders of all sizes.  We also provide ‘booking-order’ services – producing small-batch and custom products in advance.  While the booking program requires higher minimum orders, it provides our clients with guaranteed delivery dates and products that are otherwise unavailable.  The customized possibilities are endless.

Our Story

Campus Crew is an Ontario-based lifestyle brand specializing in the wholesale of high-quality casual apparel.

We serve educational institutions, professional sports teams, retailers, and corporations throughout North America.  We specialize in branded, comfortable, casual wear, including our signature fleece – perfected through 30 years of experience.

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Current Clients

We’re proud of our clients.  We have worked with each one to design products they are excited to purchase again and again.  Campus Crew proudly serves members of the National Hockey League, National Football League, Major League Baseball, National Lacrosse League, Canadian Hockey League, Canadian Football League, National Collegiate Athletic Association, Canadian colleges and universities, and retail and corporate clients across North America.


From high schools to universities, from California to Florida, from Vancouver to New England, we have you covered.  Contact us to connect with a local sales representative.


We work with major and minor-league teams across the continent.  Our services range from building an entire Campus Crew store in your facility to small wholesale orders of core product.  Whatever your size, we have options.  Our sports franchise clients are mostly handled in-house.  Contact us to start the discussion.

Resort & Retail

In addition to selling licensed product to the license holder (e.g. schools selling their own products in their own stores), we also offer both licensed and unlicensed products to retailers across the continent.

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Custom Embroidery

Our products are finished in Ontario with custom-tooled embroidery machines designed to provide unmatched detail and comfort.  Our specially-designed threads and soft-backed production process creates designs that never impede the flexibility or softness of our products.  Our applique is made from the same fleece and thread we use in our garments – hand cut and washed to ensure the soft, comfortable feel we pride ourselves on is never sacrificed in the design process.

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